High levels of certain hormones in saliva boys is a sign of their aggressiveness

Scientists from the U.S. conducted a pilot study that revealed the interconnectedness between the presence of certain hormones in the saliva of children and their aggression. Taking into account the obtained results, the scientists intend in the future to create a special device that will predict aggressive behavior in schools.

Scientists from the Children's medical center Cincinnati in the study took a sample of saliva 17 boys aged 7-9 years who were admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. The researchers measured the amount of cortisol, testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone in saliva samples, and evaluated the degree of aggressive behavior of each child as soon as they entered the hospital.

According to one of the study's authors, children and adolescent forensic psychiatrist drew Bratman, between the level of the mentioned hormones in the saliva and the number of cases of aggression in children there is a direct relationship. The obtained results will be very important for child psychiatry, because the problem of child aggression becomes widespread.

The doctor has evaluated this method is quite promising to give assess the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy. As psychiatrists most often have to deal with aggression, using this method will allow you to quickly predict the behavior of the patients of the children's wards of psychiatric hospitals. And ultimately, the use of this technique in educational institutions will provide greater security. Currently, a group of scientists has already moved to the next phase of the study, which will also participate and girls.

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