High growth is favorable for heart

Tall people less than low, prone to heart failure, as demonstrated by a new study.This study does not claim that a few extra centimeters protect the heart. It is also possible that high and low people differ in something else, in addition to growth: the power supply system or other factors that affect the risk of heart disease.However, scientists believe that some characteristics of the organism high person - for example, the distance between the heart and certain arteries reduces the workload of the heart."In daily medical practice, we rarely think about growth as a risk factor," says Dr. Jeffrey Teuteberg, a cardiologist from the University of Pittsburgh. "But the result of this study cannot be interpreted literally: if you're high, forget about these problems, and if low - you are doomed".The fact that growth in any case is not the only factor affecting the risk of heart failure. No less and perhaps even more important are such health problems as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure.Most tall people among the participants of the study were above 180 cm had a 24% lower risk of heart failure than people growth of 160 cm and below.This statistic encourages poor people to pay more attention to the heart and health in General.

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