High BMI of the father can cause the development of cancer at his unborn child

Geneticists from Duke University in North Carolina conducted a study in which they found a number of facts relating to the hereditary transmission of serious diseases. As it turned out, the man who at the moment of conception were obese, can cause the development of malignant tumors in her unborn child. Interestingly, suffering from excess weight the mother of such a risk for a child not represented.

Scientists have studied the genetic code, extracted from the leukocytes contained in the blood of the umbilical cord 79 infants who were born in the period July 2005-year in November 2006. During the study, genetics took into account factors such as dietary intake, BMI, and way of life of parents of newborns.

The study found a clear interrelation between changes in the gene of the child IGF2, which is associated with the occurrence of many cancers, and BMI of his father. In addition, the higher the BMI of the father, the increased risk of child cancer.

Gene IGF2 is one of the most important genes in the formation of the embryo and later the fetus. Any change in a gene, which causes a decrease in the expression can affect the creation of a genetic predisposition of the organism to cancer.

At the moment, scientists still can't explain the possible reasons for this relationship of father and child. That is why they intend to continue the study of this issue. They have one hypothesis, according to which obesity father makes changes in hormonal men and dissonance hormones, in turn, affects the quality of sperm.

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