High altitude training: new and unexpected facts

High altitude training is popular among athletes preparing for competitions. This particularly applies to professional runners.

Previously there have been many different studies. Experimentally was found to be the height at which you want to workout, the athlete must remain at this altitude. But the question is when the athlete is most ready to compete after returning from a height? until recently, remained open.

The opinions of the coaches of the elite runners were divided. Some thought that the best time to participate in competitions are the first 48 hours after returning from altitude training. Others were of the opinion that the most favorable physical condition of the athlete falls on the period from 18 to 22 days after returning from a height.

According to LFC School of health at the Indiana University Robert Chapman, still no scientific evidence of any of these claims.

For clarification of this issue was conducted the following experiment:

Six professional runners 28 days was in Flagstaff, Arizona, at an altitude of 1250 meters Athletes practiced several times a week at an altitude of 1000 m After returning they tested the physiological state for 26 days. Experts explored the mechanics and efficiency of running, measure the frequency of the heartbeat.

Based on the test results respiratory revealed that indeed, the most favorable for participation in competitions are the first 48 hours after returning from a height and period from the 18th to the 22nd day.

According to Robert Chapman, this phenomenon may be related to ventilation acclimatization light weight, which passes from the third to the eighteenth day after returning from a height. According to research, during this process the physiological state of the athlete adversely to participate in competitions.

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Thus, both views of professional coaches were equally legitimate.

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