Hibiscus leaves help in the treatment of skin cancer – scientists

On the basis of the leaves of hibiscus manufactured raw materials for hibiscus tea, a popular beverage. In Africa the leaves are eaten raw, do on the basis of their sauces, in soups. Scientists from the Institute of food technology was established favor of hibiscus in the treatment of skin cancer.

Leaf extract helps the body fight cancer, says Zee News. Healthy operation, it does not suffer. Note, the question of using exclusively herbal remedies. Additive in the form of hibiscus extract, experts say, can help in the appointment of comprehensive treatment in the form of chemical and radiation therapy.

There are other folk remedies that reduce the risk of cancer. Lilipin extracted from pine trees, blocks the transport of cholesterol necessary for the development of cancer. Many fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that increase the body and protects cells from oxidative changes.

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