Herpes on the lip - causes and first aid

Sometimes on his lip, a small pink spot. It acquires a kind of crust. This is most likely herpes on the lip - virus, which is very easily transmitted. It is believed that this disease is transmitted even in the way that is called droplet - but this means that next to the infected cannot be next.

How does herpes on the lip

This disease is especially dangerous for children. When a child becomes infected for the first time, he feels discomfort not only in the lip area. Hearth disease is the nasolabial triangle, and the area of the nasal mucosa. There are also more complex forms of the disease - including herpetic stomatitis.

Unfortunately, once infected, will not be able to get rid of the virus. This is a major cause of the new disease. She begins to occur at the slightest sign of a cold. However, herpes on the lip occurs for other reasons. For example, due to getting wet in the rain, hypothermia, stress and a sharp change in the environment, excessive sun exposure, properly selected diet.

How to treat herpes

After the appearance of this nasty disease many people are interested how to get rid of herpes on lip. The easiest method to cure the disease lies in timely prevention. To avoid infection, do not hide from all kinds of dirt, fear once again to take the door handle, and to avoid people with the characteristic pink spots on the lip. In fact, it is necessary to harden and lead a healthy lifestyle, learn to deal with cold and hunger, to monitor the health of internal organs, exercise and eat a healthy diet.

If the disease is still unable to remove, you have to treat it. For the treatment of herpes there are many medicines. We must remember that it is better to treat the infection at an early stage. It comes even before the appearance of bubbles. There is a feeling of burning, lips nibbling. At this stage helps acyclovir. In addition, help ointment zovirax, Antiherpes. They have arisen irritation smear several times per day.

There are many popular methods of treatment. For example, it is believed that herpes can lubricate the juice of celandine. You can make a paste of garlic with Apple - they're great mix, if they are thoroughly mixed.

Popular different infusions. For example, the composition of Melissa from alcohol, which is brewed in the proportions of 1 to 5. They need to carefully burn occurred redness. The main condition remains a complete cure, otherwise the virus can cover different parts of the body.

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