Hernia cervical vertebra

A protrusion or prolapse into the spinal canal disk placed between two vertebrae is called a hernia. The intervertebral disc is similar to jelly, and when under the influence of some factors breaks the shell, then it falls out. The process is characterized by pain, as it is a pinched nerve endings.

To receive the herniation of the cervical spine can be absolutely any person, but the disease most often affects men aged 35 - 45 years.


• The main reason is the presence of trauma (family, sports, household), and not necessarily hernia immediately declares itself, and only after some time.

• Causes hernia sedentary lifestyle, because the disease are particularly susceptible office workers, who for a long time, day after day, are in an awkward posture.

• Osteochondrosis and spondylosis is a disease, causing a hernia.

• Degenerative pathology.

The symptoms that accompany the disease

• dull aching pain in the neck

• dizziness

• migraine

• violation of coordination of movements and as a result unstable wobbly gait

• numbness of the hands with the violation of their sensitivity

• "goose bumps" on the skin

Diagnosis of hernia

Before treatment, each pre-physician conducts a variety of research is needed. In this case, it is recommended to the patient:

• Myelogram, the introduction into the spinal cord of a contrast agent with subsequent x-ray examination apparatus. This procedure shows the presence of jamming of the nerves, tumors and growths.

• MRI - diagnosis, which is carried out a full investigation of the structure of the body and results in the form of separate sections, which is especially well observed possible abscesses, tumors, growths of tissues.

• X-rays by which detect changes in the structure of the spine artricheskogo character.

• Electromyography which is determined by the speed of response of the muscles and nerves to stimulation by electricity that reveals their weakness and defeat.

• Computer tomography are snapshots in two dimensions, detecting the level of damage to the spine.


Proper treatment of herniated cervical assigns exclusively by the doctor according to symptoms of the disease and the results of the survey. Patient are prescribed medicines, special exercises, stretching and physical therapy, and possibly surgery. Often, patients are advised to wear a neck corset.

Treatment of hernia repair is time-consuming long-term process, but without treatment, the possible severe consequences, up to complete immobility.

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