Hernia: causes and treatments

Deformation and bulging of the inner part (core) of the intervertebral disc, when you break the outer (fibrous ring of fibers), is called an intervertebral hernia. Today hernia is the most common disease of the spine, and it is not only in adults but also in children.

Causes of spinal hernia:

• heredity

• trauma

• weight

• physically inactive lifestyle

• work with weights

• infection affecting the spine

• abnormal development of the spine

• vibration load

• scoliosis and other postural disorders

There are specialized clinics, where to treat a hernia is a professional doctor. When the presence of a hernia, depending on the location, the person experiences a variety of symptoms, which may falsely indicate a variety of diseases. The result can be a long time to treat, for example, hypertension, but not to achieve any result, because the herniation in the cervical spine affects the nerves of the vessels that participate in the regulation of blood pressure. Therefore, in the presence of a disease, you must completely pass the examination, including x-ray, CT scan or MRI of the spine that will allow you to assign adequate therapy.

Treatment of a hernia of a backbone

Depending on the severity of the disease, the patient is offered conservative or surgical treatment, there are traditional methods.

Conservative methods

1.Therapeutic exercise. If the hernia is detected early, it is recommended that a set of exercises aimed at the elimination of excessive muscle tone, improve mobility of the spine, strengthening the muscular corset. For each spine is assigned a separate set, and it should be performed strictly according to the regulations.

2.Manual (massage), gerudo and reflexology, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc. are used for stretching the vertebrae that allows you to relieve stress from the nerve endings to resolve their infringement.

3.Drug therapy is aimed at pain relief and termination of the inflammatory process. It involves injections, ointments, tablets, containing glucocorticoids.

Surgical methods

If conservative therapy fails, it is surgery, which involves removing part of the bone or an intervertebral disk, which impair nerve endings.

Traditional methods

• compresses on the sore spot of the badger or horse fat;

• massage with honey, mummy and pine oil;

• garlic - alcohol compresses;

• dandelion syrup for oral administration;

• drink decoctions of medicinal herbs.

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To determine the method of treatment it is necessary will address to the expert, but in no way be treated independently.

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