Her husband's presence during childbirth has a positive effect on the health of child and mother

According to UNIAN correspondent, head of obstetric care to the population of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Valentyna Kolomeichuk, said that about 50 percent of assisted births are held as partnership delivery. In some areas this figure is 80 percent.

"Support mothers husband has a positive effect on the health of the child, as it reduces the need for the introduction of certain drugs maternity", marked Valentine Kolomeichuk.

This excellent performance was achieved in Ukraine for 7 years, in 2004 the number of partner delivery was at zero.

As a physician and a member of such partnerski birth, I can confidently say that this is really a positive impact on the course of childbirth and child health. And the reason is not only less need drugs, but also that the presence of the husband disciplines of medical staff.

If you are a future Pope and still think to participate in the partnership birth or not - agree! You will have the unique opportunity to see how did your small on the light. You personally will be to control the process before and after childbirth, only you will be able to ask the gynecologist, midwife, nurse and neonatologists with care to treat your family.

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