Hemp saved the child from epilepsy

Charlotte Fiji all six years of his life suffered from a congenital form of epilepsy syndrome Drau. He was in myoclonic seizures during the attack, and the attacks were frequent and severe. A week was possible manifestation to several thousand microprosopus, which did not give the child to live a normal life. The saddest thing is that there is simply no way of medication to get rid of this disease.

Pathology Charlotte was a mystery to doctors from the very beginning: the first attacks appeared in three months, not since birth, and her twin sister did not have any pathology in General. After birth the number of attacks only increased, which could not fail to excite.

Syndrome Drau not make himself fully aware of before two years of age. The child develops normally until this period. Next comes the deterioration of cognitive processes, deteriorating memory, you receive the pathology of the nervous system, there is a risk of sudden death in ASU attack sharply reduced immunity. Child of frequent attacks sometimes just can't sit and eat, not to mention training.

Everything changed when my parents applied the method of alternative medicine, which he read on the Internet. In the method described in the preparation of extracts of hemp. The drug should be taken twice a day under the tongue. With this treatment the number of attacks progressive decreases, and after a few weeks they disappear altogether. That is exactly what happened with Charlotte, which has recovered from his illness such an extraordinary method.

Scientists believe that hemp has two potent antiepileptic substances: tetrahydrocannabinol (has a psychotropic effect) and cannabidiol ( psychoactive effects). Both drugs act on the epileptic focus in the brain, reducing its activity. The number and strength of attacks decreases, and then fizzles.

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