Hemp oil could displace multivitamin supplements

Hemp oil, according to scientists, contains a set of useful compounds. The amount of vitamins and beta-carotene in it so much that the oil is able to replace a multivitamin complexes. Product you can buy in stores. The additive oil to the normal diet will enrich the body with vitamins A, C, E, a set of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals, according to The Times of India.

Note that the relationship with cannabis in many countries is mixed. America has banned most varieties because they contain drugs. However, the government legalized marijuana for people who need it for medical reasons. Get it people, cancer patients and patients with incurable diseases.

There are varieties of hemp with a minimum content of tetrahydrocannabinol (drugs). They are used for making clothes, paper and other products, in particular, hemp oil.

Hemp oil is extremely nutritious and healthy product. Nutritionists endorse hemp oil Supplement to a basic diet that helps to enrich it with vitamins quickly and effectively.

A detailed analysis of hemp oil has proven its usefulness. It consists of linolenic acid, aliphatic alcohols, sterols. Most of the compounds have a positive effect on the heart muscle and strengthen blood vessels.

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