Hemorrhoids in women - causes and treatment

Hemorroides - a fairly common disease, which is the leader among diseases of the colon. Considering modern lifestyle, the hemorrhoid may appear as women aged, and young girls.


Consider the main causes of hemorrhoids in women:

• obstruction of the venous outflow from the organs located in the pelvis;

• weakening, due to any reason, the locking function of the sphincter;

• physiological characteristics of female organism;

• principles of life, the specific power;

• increased blood flow to the pelvic region during the critical days;

• pregnancy, childbirth;

• constipation;

• sedentary work (computer operator, accountant, cashier, etc.);

• inflammation of the genitourinary system;

• regular cleaning of the intestine (taking laxatives, strict dieting, cleansing enema);

• anal intimacy.


Of course, the female body is largely different from that of men, there are certain causal features of the occurrence of hemorrhoids in women. While the symptoms of the development of this disease common to both sexes:

• itching and discomfort in the anus;

• feeling inadequate emptying;

• extract from the anus blood red color;

• the presence of hemorrhoids.

Exacerbation of the disease in women often occurs during menstruation.


Much faster and easier treatment of hemorrhoids in women undergoing in the early stages. Typically, depending on the severity of symptoms, use drugs systemic and local actions that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, dried mucous and relieve swelling, improve circulation, prevent blood clots. Today for the treatment of female hemorrhoids often use a variety of minimally invasive techniques.

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To make the treatment more effective will allow additional carrying out special exercises, cool irrigation anus, compliance after each defecation rules of intimate hygiene. In the period of remission and exacerbation the patient propose to adhere to special diets. If the disease has become chronic, it is necessary thus to optimize intestinal peristalsis, so that dedicatii were regular, soft and quick.

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