Hemorrhoids during pregnancy - causes and symptoms

A pregnant woman often faced with a large number of different diseases. If they had taken place prior to conception, during this period, they clearly exacerbated and new ones appear. Almost every pregnant woman is found to the problem of hemorrhoids, but it is a very intimate subject, and many try to silence, hoping that he will pass.

Many consider it to be completely harmless disease that has no effect on neither the mother nor the baby. This is a misconception. First, the woman is experiencing great discomfort, which spoils my mood, sleep, and her nervous condition. Hemorrhoids can complicate the course of childbirth. If hemorrhoids are not treated for a long time, then decreases hemoglobin necessary La normal pregnancy. Can cause diseases of the genitourinary system, and even become the basis for various skin problems.

Causes of hemorrhoids in pregnant women may be different. The main is frequent constipation, pressure of the uterus and inactivity. Even if hemorrhoids have arisen during pregnancy, often when he attempts occurs.

When hemorrhoids only manifests itself, it is extremely difficult to determine. No external or pain factors independently notice will not succeed. Only a gynecologist during the inspection, you may accidentally to notice it. At later stages it is possible to recognize. It is important to know the symptoms:

1) discomfort, often severe pain when urinating. Each visit to the toilets, can be a big ordeal. You should never be tolerated and must visit a doctor and start treatment. You may also experience a strong burning sensation or itching in the anus.

2) the Formation of nodes. They differ in the internal and external. After defecation internal can fall out. It is possible independently to notice.

3) Bleeding. This is a clear sign of the presence of hemorrhoids that you cannot miss. The larger the node, the more bleeding.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is carried out only by the doctor. There is a large variety of different candles and creams. The doctor will pick a drug that will not harm your baby. A pregnant woman can do to relieve the discomfort to do bath of chamomile. It is also necessary to replace a conventional toilet paper on a special wet wipes, bought at the pharmacy.

If the form of severe hemorrhoids, doctors resort to extreme surgical methods.

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