Hemorrhoids: causes, symptoms, treatment

Hemorrhoids is a disease that hesitate to speak aloud. And because of this, often suffer in silence, while a terrible sore worsens the condition of the body. Wait for the disease he will, in no event it is impossible, as you wait for the only possible negative consequences.

About hemorrhoids knew the doctors of antiquity. He's talked about Galen and Hippocrates, Avicenna described his symptoms, and doctors of Ancient China has allocated more than 20 species of this sores.

In the modern world has a disease such as hemorrhoids occurs at every step. According to proctologists, with his face symptoms up to 70% of the population of different age. And the most unpleasant - most often hemorrhoids appear in people of working age from 25 to 50 years. Hemorrhoid treatment should begin immediately after its detection. The treatment is prescribed by a doctor and it depends on what stage you have this disease. At the initial stage is usually prescribed protivogemorroynoe ointments, such as relief, more than the actual stages of appointing the removal of enlarged hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids may appear in any person, but most of his victim, he selects from people who don't get enough exercise, lead a passive lifestyle. At risk are people who are on duty accounts for most of the time to stand (for example, the seller or hairdresser) or sit (office workers, taxi drivers and others). The chance to earn hemorrhoids will be doubled for those who prefer spicy, salty and smoked foods, abuses alcohol and has a tendency to excess weight. This unpleasant sore may appear and women in position, and weightlifters, and those who often lifting weights.

Hemorrhoids can be an independent disease, but it may consequence of other diseases. It can cause prostate problems, severe liver disease and a variety of inflammation in the pelvic area.

To prevent hemorrhoids, you should pay attention to your nutrition to prefer healthy foods, limit alcohol consumption, do not forget about feasible physical exercises. That is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Among the main causes of hemorrhoids, there are the following: lifting heavy, sedentary work, lessons in anal sex, excessive consumption of spicy or salty foods, constipation.

Manifestations of this disease bleeding, burning or itching in the area of the anus, and a sharp pain when moving or sitting position.

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Seeing yourself at least one sign, you need to visit a doctor and do not try to get rid of the disease. By diagnosing hemorrhoids, the doctor will prescribe treatment to delay which is not worth it. During treatment you need to stay in bed, not to lift heavy things and eat healthy food. The only way the treatment will be effective.

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