Hematogen is not only the benefits but also the harm?

The vast majority of children think that pharmacies are sold only bitter and nasty medicines... And on this basis it would be logical to assume that, most likely, none of them tried Hematogen.

Oh, Hematogen! Appearing in the late nineteenth century, you could for a few time become a popular treat and cure at the same time, bringing joy to many children and their parents with its amazing taste and show properties in General. It is thanks to you there are several generations of people were able to feel the sweet taste in a difficult time for the country! Oh, Hematogen, you have helped many...

And now, rebounding from such sentimental Preface and praise, let's talk about the main thing: the positive and possible negative properties Hematogen.

The main purpose of this product is to provide a positive properties for certain organs and body parts the consumer: the eye (vision), skin (it becomes more supple and elastic), bone strengthening and increase in growth), as well as the immune system (reducing the risk of infectious diseases). Use Hematogen lies in its composition. It contains large amounts of iron and is capable of stimulating erythropoiesis is the production of red blood cells.

But one should not presume that the more you eat of Hematogen, the better your body! His daily rate of consumption is sixty grams for adult and thirty grams for a child or teenager is not worth more because it can affect a sad way to end the condition of the stomach of the consumer.

Hematogen not recommended for people with certain diseases and anatomic conditions: diabetes mellitus (possible death!), thrombophlebitis, excess fat, as well as pregnancy (the unborn newborn may have an intolerance to some of the components contained in Hematogen). In addition, as already stated above, it is not necessary to eat more daily servings of this product at one time.

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