Help with binge and methods of elimination of binge

Booze is a long (over many days) consumption of alcoholic beverages and as a result of severe poisoning of the body.

This material contains information about what are the extent of drunken condition and what medications prescribed drug to help with binge to their patients.

The severity of the binge, and withdrawal syndrome

Before treatment, the doctor evaluates the degree hangover: light, medium and heavy.

Read more about the medicines used by the experts to fight avidly and withdrawal syndrome

Infusion treatment of drinking bouts

The goal of treatment is detoxification. Usually they orally dehydration, i.e. drinking. This type of treatment is carried out when the patient is in serious condition, or he is unable to ingest the liquid. Thanks rigidly fill fluid loss from sweating and vomiting, and also helps to remove toxins from the kidneys ("washing of the kidney").

What is being done: the long-term solutions are introduced intravenously using a dropper.

• Glucose.

• Polyionic solutions (dial, Trisol).

• Gemodez, glutinol.

• Sodium bicarbonate.

Sedative treatment of drinking bouts

What is being done: the treatment of binge administered drugs that have a calming effect. First, it is the drugs belonging to the group of anxiolytics. A new generation of anxiety include benzodiazepines (Relanium, dazepam, seduxen and others).

• Relanium, along with other drugs in the group of benzodiazepines, are considered to be potent drug. Pharmacies these are sold only when prescribed. If the psychiatrist uses them for treating binge, it must have a license.

• Propazine is injected intramuscularly.

• Carbamazepine inside.

"Metabolic" treatment of drinking bouts

The aim of this treatment is to improve metabolism, protect the liver and heart, for prevention of complications.

What is being done: introducing vitamins, metabolic drugs, hepatoprotectors.

• Thiamine.

• Propranolol inside.

• Magnesium sulphate magnesium sulphate.

• Outline unithiol.

• Detoxification tool.

• Ascorbic acid intravenously.

• Calcium chloride intravenously.

• Panangin in 400 ml of 10% glucose intravenous drip.

• Solcoseryl as part of a 5% glucose solution also intravenously.

• Solcoseryl is a drug blood of dairy calves, containing a large number of natural solutes.

• Tocopherol acetate intramuscularly.

• Essentiale-Forte intravenously.

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