Held a full replacement of "live" artificial heart

In the Rabin medical center in Israel was performed the first transplant of an artificial heart. This case can rightfully be called the first in medical practice, as previously diseased heart was not removed from the body after implantation, and this time the heart suffering from heart failure of sixty men was removed and replaced with artificial ones.

Artificial heart will now perform all the functions of the damaged organ.

The decision to conduct such operations appeared in doctors after diagnosis in a patient with irreversible heart damage. When organic transplant transplant patient with a high probability could die, because the only exit was completely artificial "substitute".

However, this artificial heart now is not forever works in the body of the patient, it only helps his body to get stronger waiting for a donor organ.

Manufacturer of artificial organ company was Syncardia, its unit is able to pump nine liters of blood per minute through the body ( previously all devices could distill not more than five liters and did not replace completely the body). In addition to the new heart is smaller pipes, and thus lower the risk of clogging of pipes by blood clots.

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