Heart surgery provoke cognitive impairment

Previously, doctors have noted that after coronary artery bypass surgery and stenting patients were impaired memory function and attention, i.e. cognitive disorders.This was explained by the fact that patients who go to these transactions expressed atherosclerosis of the coronary, but also cerebral vessels, which puts them at risk for cognitive disorders.

In the American journal "Heart", published a study that proved the direct impact of operations on the heart on cognitive impairment.

The study involved 37 patients with stenting, their cognitive functions were measured before and after surgery, in addition we have recruited a control group, which included patients with a similar degree of atherosclerosis. Doctors measured cognitive function according to the established scale preoperatively and three months after surgery.

In the result it was observed that in the group after coronary artery stenting was observed a significant decrease in cognitive function after a few months after surgery. Such changes may not be reflected in everyday life, but can cause the patient will not be able to lead an independent lifestyle and he will need the help of other persons.

Dr. Todd Rosengart, head of cardiac surgery at the University Medical Center in new York said, "the Risks of decline of cognitive functions in a patient directly dependent on the duration of the operation on the heart, physicians should care not only about heart health, but also to take steps to protect the brain of the patient during the operation.

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The results of the study in no way should limit the number of transactions, as it is an effective way of dealing with angina, it is important to remember about the cognitive functions and conduct cerebroprotective events before, during and after heart surgery.

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