Heart on the IPAD screen

Professor of medical Sciences Krewski debuted the technology that will allow the patient to the clinic to see all the information about the state of his heart right on the iPad screen. Innovative technology will allow you to see all important characteristics to see in an intuitive form online. According to the head of the cardiology Department of the Israel Medical center.Rabin, this methodology is implemented in accordance with the country's practice for continuous introduction of advanced technological cycles in medicine.

Currently, a common practice for assessment of blood supply to the heart muscle is carried out without the actual transfer of shooting information on the screen such devices. First is the procedure of coronary angiography (catheterization of the heart muscle), on the basis of the obtained data, the doctor performs diagnosis. Accordingly, information about the diagnosis, the patient and his relatives know not immediately, but after some period of time. Thus, decision-making about their treatment is postponed for a certain period, which often can be critical.

According to the new technology, which suggested the doctor, all removed during this procedure, the data will be immediately sent to the screen epplovskogo" tablet. Due to this the patient can real-time monitor the progress of the procedure step by step, seeing how measured pressure that occurs when the input contrctng substances as dilate the coronary arteries and so on.

The innovation in question will allow in the near future to see on the screen of the gadget the results of NMR and computer tomography, x-ray, as well as data obtained as a result of other procedures for the diagnosis of heart.

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Source: http://www.meir-health.ru/ Medical center "Meir".

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