Heart failure treat, strengthening the muscles in the legs

After conducting numerous new research related to heart failure, scientists have concluded that treat the heart muscle must not only inside drugs, as well as mandatory to assign physical exercise to strengthen the lower extremities of the patient.

You will notice the following sequence: heart failure causes fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath, therefore, limited to daily physical activity, primarily walking.

Scientists from the University of Leeds have shown that the disorder of the muscles of the lower extremities is associated with the manifestation of the patient's symptoms of heart failure. Studies show that the cessation of the daily activity in patients may be due not only heart disease, but some disturbance in the muscles of the legs.

Dr. Department of biological Sciences Harry Rossiter from the University of Leeds argues that the majority of patients with chronic insufficiency feel tired legs during exercise, and this creates inconvenience and discomfort for further exercise. When muscles do not use oxygen properly, the person starts to feel unpleasant burning sensation during exercise. Warm-up enables to send it to those who need it most, and thus to prepare the muscles to full use of the oxygen during the entire session.

Dr. Rossiter says that the next step of the research, they will try to see whether the load of the muscles to improve the overall performance of patients and to learn more about pathological changes in the muscles of the legs, which can be one of the factors limiting the activity.

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The main task lies in the fact that physical exercises are very useful and safe for patients experiencing heart failure. When properly warming up the muscles of the lower extremities we make the load easier and longer. This is especially important for patients with chronic heart failure.

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