Heart failure is closely associated with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are two concepts that are closely linked. Very often they cannot exist without each other. Anxiety plays a significant symptom of depression. For anxiety is characterized by worry, fear. These two concepts in some situations can not be considered harmful. Because anxiety is able to perform a protective function. It protects people from dangers. But most often anxiety and depression are bad for human health.

American scientists believe that people who very often suffer from anxiety and depression are prone to cardiovascular diseases. Often depression remain unnoticed. Therefore, people suffer from heart failure, reports The Deccan Chronicle.

During the research, experts found the following: people who suffer from heart disease have an increased level of depressive disorders. In addition, scientists have found that people with mild depression also have a high risk of heart failure.

People who suffer frequently from depressive disorders are not able to follow the recommended diet, exercise, and other recommendations. In addition, depression is closely linked with metabolic changes. In order to consider in more detail this dependence, you need to do some more research, scientists say.

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