Heart disease will be treated using stem cells

Scientists from Osaka University (Japan) conducted a unique operation. They transplanted heart tissue, the material for which steel iPS cells (induced stem cells). According to the report, tissues from iPS cells (all three "leaves") was transplanted into the man, who was diagnosed with severe ischemic cardiomyopathy (blocking of blood vessels, when the heart muscle fails to get the blood).

Thanks to them, the doctors provided the formation of new blood vessels, and the heart was restored. Experts expect at least 9 of these operations over the next three years. They are designed to prove that this method is effective.

Well known is the fact that a particular chemical exposure is able to convert iPS cells into cells of any type. They are the source material on which they grow various organs. The Japanese Ministry of health has repeatedly allowed to conduct operations using these cells so the doctors were treating eye diseases and injuries of the spine.

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