Hearing loss with age: what to do?

Today, few of the elderly boasts a full hearing. And this, actually, is a very serious problem. Do deaf people have problems with communication, they often begin to withdraw into themselves. Is it possible to help them? How to minimize age-related changes in one of the most important senses?

The ear is a complex organ of the human body?

The organ of hearing person is a very difficult. It consists of: the outer, middle and inner ear, which in turn also have a fairly complex structure.

Coordinated work of all the "tools" ear allows a person to perceive the sounds of the world and makes possible communication between people. Unfortunately, by the time of the onset of old age in humans is limited to the perception of even conversational frequencies (social).

Causes of hearing impairment in old age

The main "culprit" hearing loss - noise. To adapt to this stimulus, the auditory analyzer forced to reduce its sensitivity. If the injury noise occurs over a long period of time, it develops auditory fatigue, can accelerate the wear of the auditory system. This fact proves the existence of a professional noise hearing loss in people working place which was in the zone of action of the constant loud noise (factory workers, builders, workers of public transport). Hearing loss also leads the influence of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. For the organ of hearing are particularly dangerous: sore throat, influenza, meningitis, mumps, etc.

Most hearing loss in old age are vascular in nature. The organ of hearing is very poor, if in humans, impaired circulation. It is simply not enough oxygen.

Symptoms of hearing loss in the elderly

The person who has hearing problems, not vosprinimaet:

- quiet voices;

- high-frequency sounds: phone calls, singing birds etc;

- practically does not distinguish between similar consonants.

This man has difficulties in communication, is in a state of emotional distress. It accelerates the process of his intellectual fading.

Prevention and treatment of hearing loss in old age

To stabilize and improve the patient with hearing loss use:

- comprehensive treatment: medication, supplying power to the brain, improving blood circulation, relieving tension psycho-emotional nature;

- admission courses of antioxidants and vitamins;

- acupuncture;

- magnetic and laser therapy;

- special methods of physiotherapy;

- compliance with the rules of healthy lifestyle.

Hearing AIDS

If all of the above methods of dealing with hearing loss have failed and the hearing continued to decline, from inevitable deafness can save the use of hearing AIDS.

Modern high-precision hearing AIDS will not allow an elderly person suffering from hearing loss, to withdraw into the world of the deaf, sometimes unbearable silence. They are able to open before him the ability to communicate with family and friends, with the outside world. Give lost along with hearing the confidence in their abilities.

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