Hearing loss in children

Today serious is the problem of hearing loss in children as newborns and older children. In order to understand how this problem is serious, I want to mention about the data collected in America where it is shown that among a hundred babies, one baby is born with a hearing impairment. As a consequence, this is the reason that the child is lagging behind in the development of the intellect. Faced with such an ailment, start talking to your baby is a daunting task.

Causes of hearing loss in children

Why some children suffer from this disease, it is hard to answer, because of the reasons noted in abundance. For example, the main cause of hearing problems become factors of heredity. If a woman during pregnancy is sick one of the infectious diseases, such as rubella, chickenpox, mumps, also known as mumps, it can also cause hearing loss in a child. The birth of a baby with low birth weight, use any strong antibiotics, the disease is transferred by a child with an infectious nature. Also in the risk zone gets the child on the head struck, even the most insignificant. All this may be a prerequisite to the disturbance of auditory function.

Restore hearing

To despair even with this diagnosis as deafness in a child, not worth it. Today it is possible to fight even with irreversible processes. Most importantly in this case, to start the treatment as early as possible. The practice is as follows: after a call to the specialist with a similar problem, the first purpose of the hearing apparatus, which is selected for each kid individually. For parents in the early stages of a child's life should be attentive to the development of his hearing. To determine what violations there, there is a system of reactions on the voice. So, for example, at the age of one month, your baby should be the response when the speaker is on the back, and in 4-5 months, the child begins to emit characteristic sounds "ghouls". To achieve ten months of the first attempts to pronounce new sounds. The early stage of the disease gives more opportunities for her complete healing. In this case, Loram and speech therapist in the end will give a positive result.

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