Hearing AIDS and their types

Hearing AIDS vary by several criteria, among which the main one is the division of digital and analog devices.

Analog devices are the first devices of adjustment hearing. Their only advantage is low cost. The principle of operation of the apparatus is simple: they amplify all incoming sounds, not selecting them, for example, speech, or suppressing noises, such as the production buzz or the rustle of leaves.

The digital device is really hearing AIDS, which can be called modern. They have huge potential in the correction of hearing loss of various degrees, they differ in a wide variety of designs and are perfect for both children and adults of all ages.

Hearing AIDS also vary in power (i.e. for different degrees of hearing loss), number of channels and type settings.

Well, depending on the location of the device when worn distinguish the following types of hearing AIDS:


• custom

• ear

• pocket

• spectacle.

BTE hearing devices are located behind the ear of the person conducting the sound through sumprabum and free directly in the auditory canal of the patient. This unit is versatile and is suitable for patients of all ages, with very different degree of hearing loss. And most importantly, they are not contraindicated for people suffering from chronic or frequent otitis or colliding with increased sweating. They approach people, even old age, because it is so simple to use. BTE hearing devices are very simple and straightforward to use and simple.

For people living an active life, it is very important to have an appropriate appearance, they also appreciate the opportunity of easy and direct communication using the telephone. This group of people is perfect-the-ear hearing devices, which are located in the auricle and the ear in the ear canal.

These devices are made individually, taking into account all the anatomical features of the structure of the auricle of the patient. They are almost not visible externally, and the sound will be taken in the place in which he was ordained nature, without the influence of extraneous noise. People suffering from diseases of ENT-organs, for example, otitis, not recommended-ear and in-the-ear hearing devices.

Pocket hearing devices are ideal for patients who need a powerful device for the correction of hearing. This type of devices is approximately normal cigarette packs and is worn in a pocket, and with the liner is connected by means of wires. This is a great option for seniors who suffer from arthritis.

Spectacle hearing devices for people who suffer from low vision, and are unable to wear ear or in-the-ear device. Spectacle hearing devices for such people is the ability to resolve two problems. Such devices do not have distribution in the Russian Federation.

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But what kind of hearing device is best suited, only solves doctor audiologist.

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