Healthy teeth during beremennosti

During pregnancy the expectant mother may notice that her teeth are not as strong, sensitive, crumble and even fall out. All because the developing baby to the skeletal system the necessary fluoride, calcium and phosphorus and 85 % of these elements it takes from my mother. But the problem with your teeth, you can win.

To ensure that the child is getting enough micronutrients and not "steal" their mom must be properly form your diet.

Phosphorus has many available products. But the greatest quantity of this item you can get if you eat beans, cheese, cottage cheese, oatmeal and beef liver. Not a small amount of phosphorus can be obtained through fish, chocolate, buckwheat and peas. Just a small amount is contained in eggs, cooked sausage, pork, beef, corn grits and bread, which is made from second-rate flour.

For strong teeth need calcium, which in sufficient quantity are processed cheese, cheese, almonds, beans, hazelnuts and pistachios. In smaller quantities it is present in milk, sour cream, oatmeal, walnuts, barley grits and cabbage.

Fluorine is filled with seafood and water. For added effect you can buy toothpaste with fluoride. The vegetables are almost none, but contains calcium and phosphorus.

As well as the rest of the bodies on the teeth need to have a small load to keep them in good shape. Load the teeth are through solid food, such as nuts and crackers. You can "chew" vegetables.

During pregnancy it is important to visit the dentist. If mom has a caries may affect the health of the baby, because there are developing microorganisms that penetrate into the bloodstream and harm the body.

If at the early time you visited the dentist and may require anesthesia, tell about their situation. During this period it is advisable not to conduct x-ray examination. While the expectant mother should understand how important it is to find a good dentist, so as not to harm your unborn baby. The dental clinic should be modern and have good equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to when choosing a clinic.

If you need to remove the tooth, it is best to do this after 14 weeks (not earlier). Before the birth of the tooth should not be removed, because the fresh wound can be a source of infection.

During pregnancy increases the sensitivity of the teeth, so do not drink hot. Also increases the sensitivity of the gums, which leads to the appearance of blood on the toothbrush. To be frightened it is not necessary, after the birth, the sensitivity will be. But you can still see a specialist that will help earlier to cope with your problem.

Change every three months your brush and healthy you smile!

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