Healthy sleep - select mattress

Sleep performs a very important function in the life of any person. During sleep the body fully recovers its resources in order to be ready again the next day to continue an active life. A special place to sleep is in childhood. It is needed for normal growth and development, therefore, the quality of sleep depends on the health of the baby.

An important aspect of healthy sleep for your child is choosing a mattress, because the product is of low quality may cause discomfort. The first thing to take into consideration is the age of the baby. For example, newborn babies should buy a firm mattress, because they will promote the correct posture. When the child is formed curvature of the spine (2-3 years), you can buy baby mattress softer.

The mattress for a small child has to "breathe". This factor should pay special attention, because a growing body need a free ventilation. It is recommended to choose a mattress with a natural basis (coconut coir, batting, hollofayber).

In the children's mattress should be hypoallergenic components, because the baby's skin is very sensitive to stimuli. Even natural materials (natural latex, wool) in some cases can cause allergic reactions. You should pay attention to the felt, wadding, polyurethane foam, hollofayber and coconut coir. These materials are well dried, ventilated, do not absorb odors and are moisture resistant.

It is also important to maintain a berth child clean. It is recommended to use protective mattress covers. The mattress should fit the size of the bed. Mattresses made of synthetic latex is perfect for active children. Dust and moisture resistance, sufficient elasticity to allow it to safely jump. Even this material prevents the occurrence of bed mites. Properly, you need to find and mattress cover.

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Not worth saving the health of the child. It is better to give preference to high-quality orthopedic mattresses known manufacturers to ensure the baby nice and sound sleep.

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