Healthy sleep protects the body from hypertension – scientists

Proper rest is essential for maintaining optimal blood pressure levels. About it tell results of the work of scientists from Harvard medical school in the United States. It turns out, to protect yourself from high-pressure simple. Enough to sleep well.

The study involved men and women with hypertension and latent forms of the disease, when the special methods of examination reveal the pathology, but it is on the pressure until impact. Was examined the relationship between the duration of sleep of the subjects and their level of pressure. First, the volunteers were asked to sleep for 7 hours a day for six weeks, one group added an extra hour of sleep, and the other this hour removed, reducing sleep to six hours.

Only an hour has significantly influenced the numbers of pressure during sleep. Subjects who slept for 8 hours a day, I felt much better and had better blood pressure. Scientists summarize the work: sometimes the pills can be avoided. Enough less nervous and more relax. However, in clinical forms of hypertension without drugs can not do.

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