Healthy school meals does not save children from obesity

The problem of healthy food today is as high as ever. Most developed countries have declared that obesity has become one of the major problems. Excess weight leads to the pathology of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, increases the risk of atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus of the second type, reduces the quality of life. The main causes of weight gain is a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. It is the constant junk food schoolchildren inspired the British scientists to the introduction of healthy eating in schools. However, it turned out that this is not enough. This method only partially solves such a charged issue.

Scientists note that the two-year experience on nutrition in schools did not give the desired result. The level of obesity in children and adolescents remained on the same figures. As it turned out, children often compensate for healthy food in schools is harmful, they absorb with increased zeal. After school the children go to fast food and prefer doughnuts, French fries and sweet fizzy drinks.

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In addition, the researchers noted that students spend in schools is not so much time that it could affect their diet. An integrated approach to this issue, including parents with children, a visit to a nutritionist, making a sound diet and its observance. Not superfluous will and systematic exercise. Only then we can talk about the decline of the average weight and the present fight against obesity.

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