Healthy hair - basic care

Most often a problem when you grow beautiful long hair become split ends, which directly affect the overall impression of the hair. Basic hair care is the regular visit to the hairdresser with the aim of sostoyaniya beginners to split ends. It is recommended to remove at least 1 inch from the length of the hair once or twice a month.

Another problem may be the structure of the hair, when produced by the scalp fat enough to supply only the very beginning of hair, no more than 5 centimeters from the root, and the remaining length remains relatively dry and in need of regular nutrition and hydration masks, as household and industrial production. Popular homemade masks remain mask-based infusions of chamomile and nettle, lemon juice, honey, egg yolk, basic, and essential oils. Ingredients of the mask, thoroughly mix, slightly heated and applied on the scalp. For a better distribution of the mask all over the hair, you can comb comb with very large teeth. Then the head can be wrapped with plastic wrap and heated towel so useful masks better impact on the appearance and structure of the hair. Half an hour later, the mask can be washed away.

To preserve the beauty of your hair better as seldom as possible to use the dryer and allow the hair to dry himself. The dryer damage the hair, flakes of hair are lifted, and the hair begins to split. Comb the hair immediately after washing is not recommended, you need to give them a little dry, and then brush with a comb with a few teeth. In the cold season, the hair must be removed under the cap, and in the summer to protect from exposure to direct sunlight, including spraying a special protective sprays. Especially bad for the hair salty sea water.

On the appearance of hair have a positive impact regular exercise, fresh air and proper diet with sufficient amounts of vitamins. The absence in the daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and abuse of a variety of modern diets can lead to dull mind of hair and their fragility.

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