Healthy food should be at eye level

Scientists from Cornell University have come to the conclusion that simply storing healthy food at eye level will help to lose weight many people, because most likely there is something that has just been seen.

Move the chips and chocolate on a shelf, and put forward useful products and you may not even need to diet. Also a good idea to replace all the plates in the kitchen on smaller, it subconsciously will reduce your portion, not tempting you once again.

The experiment showed that in a short wide glasses people poured in 37 percent more liquid than equal to them in narrow high volume. Another test, which was attended by 60 people, was the fact that half bowls of participants in the experiment, dinner soup, quietly replenished from the reservoir under the table. Those participants who thought that their portion is limited by the size of the plate ( actually a bottomless) ate 73% more soup than is contained in the standard portion.

It is difficult for us to focus and calculate the calories in every bite, so the easiest way to lose weight for us will be to unravel the secrets that make us gain weight and turn them on their side.

Use different utensils, move the food in the fridge and you don't notice it as thinner as well as did not notice that they have gained weight.

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