Healthy food helps patients with obstructive lung disease

Scientists have found that fish, cheese, grapefruit and bananas can significantly ease the life of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Data were able to prove in the analysis of the diets 2167 people with this disease, The Daily Mail reports.

COPD is a disease that is caused by Smoking and the effects on the respiratory system unwanted aggressive factors. Scientists have proven that the consumption of the products listed above, improves lung ventilation, reduces the level of C-reactive protein, the main marker of inflammation.

Information should adopt all doctors pulmonologists, according to Dr. Corrin Hanson. Of course, the first place in the treatment of COPD is drug therapy and Smoking cessation. Don't forget about allergies to certain foods.

The number of people with chronic obstruction pulmonary really great. Most often the disease is diagnosed in men aged 35 years. However, there is a tendency of growth in the number of women with COPD.

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