Health spring diet dangerous

Victoria Zakrevskaya - Kiev nutritionist says: Spring diet health threat. "Food should bring joy and pleasure, strengthen and heal the body, and not to act on it destructively. Spring is particularly harmful go on a diet because of this split ends and the hair falls out, exfoliate the nails, the skin is covered with pimples. During the winter, the body loses large amounts of minerals and vitamins. Spring should be given proper nutrition," says nutritionist Victoria Petrovna.

In order to feel good, you must try to begin eating with meals consisting of vegetables. In the spring the body needs large amounts of calcium and protein.

"You should not ignore the signals of the body. You need to eat more cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, eggs and fish. Do not forget about citrus, nuts and dried fruits. In pharmacies you can buy a multivitamin, but before you make the trip to the pharmacy, you should consult a doctor".

Nutritionist recommends in the spring months in the daily diet to include a salad of celery, carrots and Jerusalem artichoke, and fill them with vegetable oil (preferably olive).

"Dishes with Jerusalem artichoke (ground pear) is especially useful for people suffering from diabetes. In addition, the Jerusalem artichoke reduces blood cholesterol levels. If your diet is balanced, you will feel much better. The body is such a pleasant change in diet will respond positively."

Those who after the winter wants to lose weight, it is recommended to refrain from sugar and other sweets.

"Instead of sweets eat honey, dried fruits and nuts. There is one rather curious folk recipe for those who want to lose weight, and this recipe is very useful for the body. Thirty minutes before a meal, you should drink half a Cup of fresh cabbage juice. A week later, gradually increase the amount of juice to a Cup. This cabbage therapy can be carried out not more than three weeks. Necessarily in this period, stick to the rational balanced diet".

Nutritionist B. N. Zakrevskaya also recommends that you drink grapefruit juice for those who want to get rid of extra inches at the hips and waist. To do this, it would be nice to take a daily glass of juice from ½ parts grapefruit and 2 apples (preferably green).

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