Health saving technologies in the classroom at school

Health saving technologies in the classroom at school is an important aspect of the teaching process. This is something that will help children learn the modern school curriculum and to stay healthy.

Even our ancestors were observed: what is in human activities and habits that will be his health. That the health of children undermines school, it was already known in the past century and physicians with teachers beat the alarm. The great enlightener and teacher And. So Pestalozzi in 1805 told the world about that book when traditional forms of training in child development is "choking" or "undermining their health. And these words were written in the era, and the parents were healthy, and as children they were born healthy. When the children up to 3 years even drank the mother's milk. When ate healthy, drank spring water, and breathed pure air. When the program schools had lower information load.

In recent times of trouble health students write and speak a lot. And for good reason. Only about 10% of students can be considered healthy, and slightly more than half of the schools suffer from various diseases of a chronic nature. There has been a rapid increase in chronic diseases and functional disorders, registering at 50-60% (or more) students; dramatic increase of pathological changes in the nervous system, sensory organs, digestive and cardiovascular systems, kidneys, urinary tract and musculoskeletal system. As well as increasing the number of students in schools with multiple diagnoses (in history 20% of pupils with 5 or more).

Currently, the content of the school curriculum varies mostly in the direction of increasing demands, increase training loads and intensification of training. The ever-increasing volume and content of complex scientific information in conflict with inflexible curricula, programs, textbooks, and that leads to chronic overload of students, the fall of interest in teaching, and therefore, the deterioration of their health.

Not accidentally, in this regard, one of the activities of the school today is preserving the health of the pupils. For this purpose use health saving technologies, which require the compilation of psychological, pedagogical and medical interventions aimed at promoting and protecting health, as well as the formation to him a valuable relationship.

It is, first and foremost, ensuring student opportunity during training at the school of health, formation of the necessary knowledge, abilities and skills of a healthy lifestyle, learning to use this knowledge in everyday life.

The success of any educational technology depends directly from the teacher and the focus of its activities (teaching psychological literacy). Teachers must adhere to the following rules:

emotional discharge of the lesson;

- use fitness pause in the lesson;

- to release, and not to bind;

- to support, not to restrain;

- to stretch, to bend.

The main part of the training process is a lesson. A lesson in health school should last 40 minutes And every class may receive as interest in the subject, but the death of such boredom. Because in the classroom should be a pause speakers: exercises for hands, eyes and joints of the musculoskeletal system in order to release the tension on the lesson, to switch to a new activity. Should also be productive physical exercises, and lessons Fizkultury. Thus, locomotor activity increases. In the article "SKJ No. 2" , Saratov total workload students 6-11 CL 36 hours of study, and students 5 CL - 30.

Teachers above school for a lesson a lot of attention to the choice of methods that encourage creative expression students directly and revitalization initiatives. Now from this point, students are transformed from "consumer knowledge" in the person of the actions of their creation and reception.

These methods are:

- free choice (freedom in conversation, choice of action, the choice of method of action, freedom of creativity, etc.);

- active method (student plays the role of the teacher, group discussion, role plays, discussions, seminars, student in the role of the researcher);

is a method focused on the development and self-knowledge (intellect, emotion, communication, imagination, self-esteem and waimairi).

The lesson should be emotional discharge: jokes, smiles, humor, pictures, sayings, aphorisms, short poems, music minute - all this creates a psychological lesson favorable climate.

One of the acute problems not only in schools but also in the whole society, are, of course, lack of exercise. Technical progress leads to a decrease in motor functions. Reduces not only the time allotted active exercises, but watch out in the fresh air. In school (SKJ No. 2, Saratov) each class will be given three lessons of physical culture in the week and in the afternoon a lot of sports. Taken into account the requirements for active movements of the child and they should be diverse, they should be conducted at the initial stage of fatigue, and to give preference exercises for muscle groups under fatigue, the selection of exercises is carried out depending on the lesson and its features.

In biology class, studying topics zdorovesberegayuschih technology is implemented in the following way.

Familiarizing students with the structure of locomotor apparatus, it is necessary to focus students on the importance of the exercise of a physical nature for its further development.

During the study of the respiratory system should be breathing training that does not take a lot of time. This method allows to develop respiratory and enhances the culture of communication.

In today's world there are two problems: health of planet Earth and the health of humanity, living on it, but because of his present, and the future depends on the decision of these problems already in school.

The papers of Daniel L. C.,

teacher of biology and chemistry go SKJ No. 2" , Saratov

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