Health of body and food

The normal functioning of the human organism depends on the power received them during the day.

The main goal pursued by a healthy diet is to protect the body from premature wear, to help him to resist the negative influences of the environment, improve immune resistance to pathogenic microbes and reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, high-quality, balanced nutrition has a positive effect on the condition of your skin, cardiovascular system, psycho-emotional state and promotes weight loss.

To ensure the proper functioning of vital systems person should eat in a day of food, rich in proteins, carbohydrates and vegetable fats.

To the health of the body is properly supported with good nutrition, enough to make your menu for the day so that it was attended by several kinds of cereals, vegetable oils, vegetables, fish or meat (eggs), fruits and a small amount of sugar. Many nutritionists advise to gradually reduce the contents of the plates, so as to avoid problems associated with being overweight. It is well known that we need a daily dose of proteins contained in a glass of milk and 100 g of boiled meat. This suggests that people often needlessly stretches my stomach abundance of food absorbed.

A beneficial effect on human health has the consumption of lactic acid production. It is known that yogurt, cooked at home, promotes good digestion and even helps in the treatment of ulcers. But from the store yogurt should be abandoned, because the technology allows the addition of preservatives, which increases the risk of cancer.

When choosing cereals, prefer buckwheat. This is the only cereal that has a high level of iron, fiber, pure protein and carbohydrates, not included in the formation of fat. Buckwheat is widely used in folk medicine as a remedy against anemia, liver disease and atherosclerosis. Its a good cleansing properties will save you from the discomfort associated with constant bloating and constipation.

Among vegetables stop your view of carrots, cabbage and beets. Add more greens in your meal, especially dill and parsley.

Carefully watch your diet and be healthy!

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