Health money can't buy

According to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", far Nehardea rank second in the ranking of the most corrupt sectors of the Russia's investigative Committee has awarded health. First place went to law enforcement, and the last to the first pedestal stood education.

Vladimir Makarov, the head of Department for supervision over investigation of corruption crimes, divides medical corruption on a couple of species. This household is (relatively small bribes to doctors) and upper (cheating when purchasing equipment). SC informed that at present dominates the past.

In the past, 2011 the court has received almost a thousand criminal cases concerning abuse of office, bribery and fraud in the procurement of equipment. Defendants were officials of the medical sphere that were not low in his position.

According to Makarov, it would be much more effective if public procurement for health took place at the Federal level. Also adds that the division of the budget in this way would be possible, as the requirements specification is developed in the most laymen, doctors sometimes. There is no single pattern to calculate the minimum value of the equipment.

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