Health care reform: first steps in Dnepropetrovsk

Reforms in the health system of projects on paper descended into practical medicine. The first took the brunt of the doctors and patients of the city of Dnepropetrovsk, since yesterday preexisting clinic ceased to exist as a legal entity on their shift came medico-social unit of primary care.

Besides the change in legal name, in new subdivisions already a radical change. Narrow specialists are packing up their things to move, primary admission is carried out by family doctors who examine and treat patients of various types (therapeutic, surgical, neurological, etc.). In case of difficulties in diagnosis and treatment of the patient is directed into secondary care - consultation specialists.

At first glance, everything is logical, the experience of building a system of health care is, in many developed countries. But there is one thing medical workers are not ready for such drastic changes.

Imagine professional primary care physician, which is more than 10-20 years, successfully treating hypertension, pneumonia and acute respiratory infections. Today it has become a family physician, and will now treat not only the disease, but also to examine and prescribe treatment to children, to do surgical ligation and small operations, one word to diagnose and treat something with that previously had required of him writing a referral to see a specialist. This causes a shock not only doctors but also patients. In addition, narrow specialists is a separate structural unit, which may geographically be located in another part of the district, and not as easy to be pass the inspection of all specialists in employment, applying for MS or getting help in the kindergarten, school, health centres.

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Any reform is change, which is always a negative response from the start. I hope that the reform of the medicine will be less painful, and our family doctors will quickly learn the skills previously owned narrow specialists.

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