Healing BlackBerry

Soon will start the season berries that are bright taste have many useful and healing properties. In this article we will focus on the berry BlackBerry.

Berry composition similar to raspberries, but is much more fruitful and large archeornathenise berries. Berries range in color from dark blue to black, and red, yellow.

Useful properties, valuable curative action have berries, leaves, flowers and roots of plants. Calorie low - up to 40 calories.

Fresh fruits ripe blackberries have a useful laxative properties, immature - binding properties. Blackberries excellent diuretic, sudorific, tonic, anti-sclerotic, thirst-quenching, anthelmintic.

Hemostatic effect BlackBerry beneficial and prevents bleeding from cones of hemorrhoids in the anus. Juice, jelly used for disorders of the intestine.

Blackberries use in gastritis and inflammation of the liver, gall bladder. Fresh blackberries suitable even for diabetics.

BlackBerry cook preserves, jams, candy, fruit drinks, jam, juice.

Useful properties of BlackBerry are saved and kept her frozen. Large, clean berries to freeze in low paper tray. Frozen berries solder in plastic bags.

Fresh and dried leaves and flowers blackberries also contain potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. Tannins - about 20% of leucoanthocyanidin and flavonols give astringent, vitamin C - antioxidant and blood purifying effect.

They can be brewed drinks, such as regular tea, and drink at rashes, acne, as a sedative in climacteric disorders and neuroses. The roots of the BlackBerry is used as a diuretic while easing digestion.

Marc BlackBerry include in its composition a dark red anthocyanin, which is well diluted with water and is harmless food dye.

BlackBerry - bushes, grown in Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus more than 90 species yield 50 Centners per ha.

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