Headaches can win a tablet-dummy

Often to get rid of headaches people consume painkillers. The prevalence of migraine is at a high level. The number of people with systematic headaches constantly growing. Migraines lead to mental disorders and significantly reduce quality of life. A recent study by researchers from hospital Beth Israel argues that the pathology you can win without taking painkillers.

In the study, researchers analyzed about 450 migraine attacks at 66 people. Each subject during the attack received the tablet rizatriptan, anti-migraine. Someone said they were taking placebo, somebody got the correct information. In addition, the drug was accompanied by a positive, negative or neutral words.

If people knew that the drug is real, the pain decreased by about two times. Positive words increased therapeutic effect. The pain did not want to retreat, if people thought that was a placebo or a message from the doctors carried a negative connotation.

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According to scientists, placebo can work wonders and show therapeutic value, similar to a full-fledged drug, if you believe in your recovery.

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