Hazardous component included in popular sports supplements

Specialists working in the Agency food standards Australia and New Zealand made the following conclusion: "based On the results of checks in the Supplements was discovered stimulant 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA), its action is very similar to caffeine. This connection can become a cause of high blood pressure and nausea," says Internet portal 9 News.

In the process of validation of dietary supplements 11-th of the 12 in its composition contained DMAA. Currently, officials with sellers and importers busy with negotiations for the withdrawal from sale of supplements.

Usually, such products are accepted to the training, says Melanie Fisher, Deputy Executive Director of the Agency. In her words - "anyone who has purchased these supplements should urgently get rid of them".

The Federal Department of health and ageing at the end of the month of June will consider the likely total ban on the use of DMAA. But for now, it should be avoided to use the following products: Neurocore, Oxyelite powder, Beta-Cret, PreSurge, 1 MR, Cyroshock, Jack3D, Mesomorph, Noxpump, 3-D explosion, and Hemo Rage Black.

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