Having sex during adolescence can lead to negative consequences

Scientists from Ohio University found that early sexual activity has a negative impact on the development of the external genital organs, and leads to inflammatory processes.

Scientists are based on the results of studies conducted on hamsters, as they consider them the most physiologically similar to human beings.

During the experiment, scientists divide the hamsters into three groups. Hamsters of the first group began having sexual intercourse at the age of 40 days, which is equivalent to human 14-16 years. Hamsters from the second group began to mate with females, since the 80 days of age. Hamsters from the third group were completely deprived of the opportunity of communicating with the opposite sex.

The results showed that hamsters from the first group, who began to mate at an early age, had a small penis, and the weight of their bodies was also small when compared with the other study participants. In addition, sexual life at an early age became a reason for the low number of neurons that transmit information in the brain, as well as elevated levels of the cytokine, which speaks of inflammatory processes in the body. His a large number of leads to the fact that the joints begin to degenerate, and changes the activity of leukocytes in the blood.

The head of the experiment Morris, summarizing the study reported that having sex at an early age may negatively affect not yet formed the body, as well as on the development of the genital and reproductive functions. That is why the specialist advised not to start having sexual intercourse at a young age.

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