Having a goal in life reduces the risk of stroke

American scientists from the University of Michigan found that motivated people to 73 percent less likely to experience their stroke, compared with those who like to let the situation slide. Any goal in life helps a person to fight stroke. Before you come to this conclusion experts from the USA examined the state of more than seven thousand patients aged 50 years. Volunteers in the past five years have passed psychological tests to establish their ability to plan for the future. In parallel testing, scientists have recorded the number of times you have a stroke.

Summing up, the researchers found that if we exclude the most common causes of stroke, such as Smoking, alcohol and hypertension, those people who had a purpose in life, 73 percent were less likely to have a stroke. It should be noted that the presence of purpose in life were established by testing. According to doctors, activities for the prevention of stroke facilitate early detection of hypertension, and that is why they recommend for the elderly to constantly monitor the level of blood pressure and food intake, and exercise, not Smoking, not drinking alcohol, and to reduce the amount of salt consumed. After the study, researchers also can add to this list the presence of purpose in life.

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