Having a family reduces the probability of heart disease in women

Women, unmarried, have an increased risk of diseases associated with the heart. To such conclusion scientists after analyzing health 1.3 million women. Scientists suggested everyone to take the survey twice with an interval of three years, writes Health Central.

The researchers obtained information about heart disease and hospitalizations respondents. The study was recruited a group of 700 thousand women, which had been under surveillance. In a 30.7 thousands of cases over the three years, the doctors observed heart attacks. About two thousand women died.

It turned out that women in marriage have better health and are less likely to have experienced heart disease than women without a family. However, married women are more likely to die from heart disease.

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It is possible that the second half draws attention to the state of his health. In addition, the family is always moral support, which is reflected in the status of the whole organism.

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