Hasty meal - a step forward to diabetes

Thanks to recent research by British scientists became aware that how we thoroughly chew your food while eating depends not only the success of the further flow of the digestive process, but also the risk of diabetes in the second degree - this is reported by the British scientists.

During the experiment, conducted by enthusiasts from Edinburgh Royal Medical University, more semistar city residents were asked to answer a series of questions related to their way of life, especially the process of eating, in addition to subjects measured weight and was tested for diabetes.

The results were more than evident - almost all Edinburg who are not paying enough attention to thorough chewing of food was suffering from diabetes of the second type is found in 234 subjects. At the same time healthy respondents in nine cases out of ten indicated that spending on food at least 40 minutes a day, which is the minimum value of internationally recognized norms.

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It is worth noting that previous studies of physicians indicated only in direct relationship to the risk of diabetes in humans from the consumption of them per day products.

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