Harmful morning foods is a good remedy for a hangover

Carbohydrates are good restore the blood sugar level, which is reduced if you eat more than you need, the amount of alcohol, says Richard Stephens of Keele University.

So, for example, the British are the best cure for a hangover - scrambled eggs, sausages and baked beans. If you follow the theory of carbohydrates, then, to the surprise, you may find that Breakfast can really help you to recover. At the same time, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, funds from migraines (for example, talvenmaa acid) and cucumber grass also have a positive effect.

Hangover man wants to eat any fatty foods, found the Cornell University. In addition, alcohol weakens the strong-willed qualities, but it's not bad: all mammals are subconsciously seeking to use energy-rich products. The most energy-rich products from fat.

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