Harmful if contact lenses

Many years have passed, as contact lenses came into our lives, but they still were not able to fully replace the glasses. Not all feel pretty comfortable with glasses. The right choice of contact lenses is a science, because the parameters required to comply with myopia or hyperopia. About lenses there are many different stories, including myths about their harm.

It seemed, wear and rejoice, this the right thing for the people around them are not visible, do not affect sports. However, some people are afraid to wear them, fearing for the health of the eye. What kind of risk is this? To understand harmful if contact lenses, consider the risks and contraindications.

Contact lenses - risk when applying

Undoubtedly, some of the pros in front of the glasses, the lenses all have the same, namely: an extensive overview on the sides, convenient for sports, some eye protection from contamination by dust and other factors.

Of course, the lenses you can forget about problems with vision. However, they can cause harm and have their drawbacks, namely:

• Burning and discomfort;

• Increased risk of inflammation;

• Possible formation of a syndrome of dryness of the eye;

• Allergic reactions;

• Limited supply of oxygen to the eye tissue;

• Damage to the body of the cornea.

But remember that the problem created by not so much the lens as failure to comply with the rules of their use. The most common errors: failure to observe the terms of use of the lens, not removing them at bedtime, multi-use old solution (prepared a new solution every day). Another source of trouble can be an individual intolerance of the solution.

Attention! The risk increases if wearing improper lens or there is failure to comply with the recommendations for their wearing. Shelf life is one of the major causes of the overdue lenses get rid of without regret (they are dangerous for health).

Contraindications to the use of contact lenses

Sometimes even the most high-quality lenses for failure to adhere to strict guidelines on the safe use can be harmful and can give a nasty surprise for the eyes. Contraindications in which it is strictly forbidden to wear lenses at all:

• Chronic allergies;

• The sensitivity of the cornea (reduced or increased);

• Acute inflammation in the eye anterior chamber;

• Inflammation of the eyes (infectious);

• Keratitis, conjunctivitis and blepharitis;

• Diseases of the lacrimal channels;

• Obstruction of the lacrimal ducts, dacryocystitis;

• Non-compensated glaucoma, xerophthalmia;

• Asthma and other respiratory diseases.

If these contraindications do not apply to you, then contact lenses you can buy.

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Even the use of lenses is prohibited in acute respiratory diseases, acute respiratory viral diseases, AIDS and tuberculosis. This fact is associated with the deterioration of the outflow of tears and General low immunity, resulting in damage to contact lenses and, therefore, causes damage to the eyes. Lenses are not recommended to wear at the use of specific drugs that cause dry eyes and partially blurred vision. These include: drugs, antihistamines, means for motion sickness and cold, diuretics.

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