Harmful if coffee without caffeine?

Primarily due to the increasing number of cardiovascular diseases over the last decade, came into fashion a new trend - the use of beskofeinovuyu coffee.

Is, no, other than the caffeine is extremely harmful for the heart, because it contributes to increased blood pressure. However, a small dose of caffeine has no abnormal visible effects on the heart or blood vessels of the circulatory system. But beskofeinovuyu coffee, according to many studies, turned out to be not so useful. This coffee is much worse effect on the cardiovascular system than traditional coffee with caffeine. And now for the following reason.

Relatively recently by testing it has been proven that when used beskofeinovuyu coffee in blood 18-20% there is increase in the level of free fatty acids, subsequently which form the so-called bad cholesterol, which contributes to the formation on the walls of vessels of atherosclerotic plaques. However, ardent supporters of the coffee believe that all the matter here is the method of its manufacture.

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Production methods beskofeinovuyu coffee two: through the water and with special chemical compounds - solvents ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. However, water is not dangerous" decaffeinate (i.e. removal of caffeine) is the process is very time consuming and expensive. Although in this method, in order to give specific rich taste to the resulting beskofeinovuyu drink adds a special flavor, and, and in quite large numbers. So what conclusions should do to you, what kind of coffee to give preference to.

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