Harmful food will receive a package with a "scary" pictures

Medical Association of Ontario (Canada) proposed to treat hazardous foods as well as cigarettes. Special presentations by physicians were presented layout packages with a warning image. So, on the box of pizza posted a photograph of a diseased liver, on the packaging of juice and soda illustrates the impact of diabetes on a cardboard package with French fries message urging the government to fight obesity as well as it did with regard to Smoking.

According to experts of the Association, the result of this tobacco company was reducing by 20% the number of smokers. Doctors call for higher taxes on junk food and limit advertising companies.

Scientists say that two-thirds of adult Canadians are faced with the problem of overweight (36%) or obese (23%). Children in the early 80-ies of the 20th century this figure was in the range of 14-18%. now is 31.5%.

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Recently the decision of the British authorities on the packaging of food products began to post information not only about the caloric content of the product, but in what quantity it contains fats, salt, sugar with a note, how to read is "high", "medium" and "low".

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