Harmful food on the dangers comparable to cigarettes - the scientists

Experts from the organisation Consumers International and the world Federation of obesity believe that harmful products should be equated on the dangers of tobacco. Fast food, poor food is the obesity, which carries no less harm than a bad habit.

The experts came up with a proposal to place warnings on packages with fatty food about the dangers of obesity and the exact composition of the product. Innovation is to be introduced in all countries of the world, writes the BBC. Each year obesity covers an increasing proportion of the inhabitants of the planet, it becomes a cause of diabetes, heart disease, blood vessels, and other organs.

In addition, the experts stress the danger of a large amount of salt, sugar and saturated fats in the diet of modern man. You need high quality food in schools, hospitals, control over the advertising of food products on TV. Only the training of buyers will help to cope with the problem, albeit not completely, but even this step will have a positive impact on the health of consumers.

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Especially strictly need to relate to the advertising of food to children. It is possible that some countries will review its policy in relation to harmful food. Now experts warn that the situation with fast food may repeat such cigarettes in the 60's, when the craze for cigarettes.

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