Hardware cosmetology or how to return the youth

Hardware cosmetology is a term that is becoming with each passing day more and more popular in women. Soon apparatus cosmetology is likely to occupy a leading position among the technologies rejuvenating. Judging by the name, it should be quite clear: we are talking about the active use of physical therapy equipment in the processes aimed at achieving rejuvenation effect. Today, physiotherapy equipment is widely used by cosmetologists to effectively clean the skin on the face and body. Unique mechanical devices with high quality clear pores of the skin, flatten and smooth the skin surface. Among other things, the use of instruments accompanied by actually obtaining double effect when it comes to the treatment of the skin and simultaneously massage the skin. Many beauticians use the hardware as tools for the preparation of certain areas of the skin under the application of therapeutic creams, balms, masks. This approach allows you to create favorable conditions for the full absorption of nutrients in the structure of the skin.Sufficiently widely used by cosmetologists apparatus generating microcurrents. Microcurrent therapy allows you to get unique results in terms of facial rejuvenation and body. Marked beneficial linientreu on the tissue, the epidermis, dermis, muscle and blood vessels. Due to the impact of micro current of small amplitude undergoes depolarization of cell mass and essentially complete recovery of the skin structure. This process leads to the removal of metabolic waste products, due to the location of the lymph drainage effect. The sebaceous glands start to work more efficiently, destroyed inflammatory and toxicosis processes. Not less effective cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin get using other hardware procedure of ultrasonic peeling. Ultrasound is used in medicine since ancient times. Now this technology has appeared in cosmetology. With the help of ultrasonic peeling productively eliminate the keratinized layers of the skin, remove fat tube. The skin after the treatment ultrasound is supple and fresh, young and beautiful. Ultrasonic treatment is often performed in conjunction with the use of drugs. This option is called phonophoresis. In this case, receive the stimulation of the regenerative functions of the epidermis, effective micro-circulation of substances in the layers of the skin, increased production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin.

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